Disclaimer: We are NOT the "organizers" of the JobbieNooner boat party on Lake St. Clair - it isn't really organized whatsoever. We are a merely a website designed to provide a central location that people can look to for the date of the party, some rules to live by on the island (i.e. common sense) and are THE OFFICIAL place to view images of the event. What happens at the party is completely out of our hands. Our staff shows up, just like the other thousands of people, to have a few beers, listen to the music, check out the women, take a few pictures and then drive home safely (or pass out on the beach if the mood strikes us.) The bands/DJ's show up on their own dime and play just to be a part of the festivities. The tiki bars, "luges" and other crazy things that occasionally show up on the island were not our idea and we have nothing to do with them or their removal from the island following the party. We only mean to provide fans of JobbieNooner a place to post their "memories" (i.e. pictures) from the party. Since the website has gained popularity over the past several years, we do our best to help the authorities keep the party safe by posting "pulic service announcments" for the Sheriff, Coast Guard and/or U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other island devotees. This involvement does NOT make us responsible for anything that happens on the island or the lake during the day(s) of the party. We do our best to spread the word to keep the island clean, not to drink and drive, to use a designated driver, to keep glass off the beach, etc., but we can't force anyone to listen to us or do what we say. We are merely participants, just like the rest of the people who attend. If you screw up and do something stupid, don't blame us - you need to be accountable for your own actions......and that means you!

We have compiled a list of useful tips for new commers to the party HERE!

Also, we are not responsible for anything you get off this site or any of the sites we've linked to. We don't own or maintain any of the sites linked to, and don't know who owns them. It's your personal choice if you want to view the information on this site or follow any of the links. Once you view/download it, it is your responsibility - all files are for evaluation purposes only. It is your responsibility to know the rules, such as copyright laws. It is assumed that by you entering this site you are 18 or older (depending on local laws) and are not offended by the material viewed or linked to. If you are in disagreement please leave now.